Short Description / Project and design of a glazing coverage and facade
Year / 2007
Location / Rome, Italy
Architect / ABDR

The need to restore the original roof destroyed by a fire, inspired the Architects to adopt almost the same shape but with all new materials. That’s the idea: to build a glass box just on the top of the floor, and allow view in and out from the surrounding. The proximity of Quirinale, the residence of the Italian Republic President, gives to this building high visibility in the heart of Rome.

The idea of creating a glass cube above the floor of the museum was much pursued by the Architects. The solution found was to still make a glass parallelepiped, but surmounted by a large sun screening that, for the occurrence, has the form required by supervisors. It’s interesting to note that the big glazing walls are supported by punctual systems and anchored to a minimalist back-frame, while the roof, accessible for maintenance, is a glazing box with steel frame suspended by very thin stainless steel wires from the shading roof.