Short Description / Steel and glass roof: complete design set and site supervisor
Year / 2006
Location / Cesena, Italy
Architect / Delio Corbara
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The architect asked me to develop with him the design of the roof of the courtyard of a new shopping center. I still remember  when we met he showed me the form he had in mind by a synchronous gesture with his hands simulating a wave; this was all we had to start our design at first!

The wavy shape of this roof has required a lot of attention in the inital design stages to minimize costs and to maximize the light. For this reason we have chosen from the very beginning the use of glazing. The project, therefore, started from the definition of a 3D glass skin made of flat glazing panes, and only later the substructure was designed as an “off set” of the glazing surface. The project went on with the identification of repetitive forms that facilitated both the production and the installation on-site. The whole project is the result of a meticulous modeling in 3D – CAD.