Short Description / First prize winner for a national competition: design set for construction
Year / 2014
Location / San Paolo di Civitate, Foggia, Italy
Architect / MEW
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In 2014 S. Paolo Civitate Municipality called a notice for a national design&construction competition for a new transparent roof in the courtyard of the ancient museum.  MEW and “Restauri di Fiorella Gianluigi“ were awarded to be the winners.

In the open courtyard of the museum there was the need for a covered space for meetings and ceremonies in combination with the exhibitions inside the museum. The surrounding and existing monuments are  all protected by the fine-arts Italian Institutions, so any attempt to cover the skylight with heavy structures would be rejected. Our solution aims at preserving all the historical monuments and to give light and slenderness to the skylight. Moreover, the glass will allow visitors to see the outstanding bell of the nearby church. The glass is laminated with Sentry Glass interlayer to give the necessary robustness.