Short Description / 10-storey concrete tower project and design
Year / 2011
Location / Padova, Italy
Architect / Paolo Portoghesi
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In 2014 was launched a design competition for a new building that would include all laboratories of a pediatric institute, specialized in childhood diseases’ research. Prof. Portoghesi and MEW’s design was awarded as the winners.

The building is a high-structure (ten floors) with a spectacular shape that includes sliding floors around a central concrete core which holds lift shaft and stair. On the last floors the direction changes and the floors rotate in opposite way. The whole structure is made of steel; floors are made up of corrugated steel sheets and completion of concrete casting. Due to the “moving” floors, all columns are on an angle with a sharp change at the last floors. This idea also shapes all the elements connected to the structure, like external escape stairs and curtain windows.