The Group

Odine Manfroni

Professional Engineer
MEW is a trademark of eng. O. Manfroni firm, which is located in Rimini. The office is operating since 1999, meanwhile Dr. Manfroni is a registered engineer since 1986. Dr. Manfroni started his professional experience as a structural engineer for civil works. He now is making huge experience with steel structures and glazy facades as well as covering roofs and footbridges. He made projects of tensile structures and cable suspended roofs too.

The art of designing

  • Adventure

    The art of designing is a long and constant adventure that traces a winding path, sometimes treacherous, but more often studded with success and satisfaction. This could be compared to a hike along rough mountain trails with the intention of reaching a shelter after another, where the difficulty of the journey is more than compensated by the grandeur and the sublime beauty of the landscape.
  • Knowledge

    The art of designing is an indispensable and valuable knowledge that is manifested by a simple pencil line over a white paper sheet. That gesture sums up all the strength and power of a dialogue with nature; It represents the synthesis of the understanding of the static and dynamic laws governing its becoming and unequivocally tracks a new morphology for the project that will be.
  • Creativity

    The art of designing is an undeniable and ecological creativity, which all can and nothing should. It is freedom of expression in forms and fees congenial, never casual, but always respectful of sustainability criteria that precede the systemic vision of nature and of our own existence.
  • Productivity

    The art of designing is a necessary and responsible productivity, where form and matter are in the project the right balance in order to fulfill social and cultural tasks, express collective dreams and desires and the needs of the community. It 'a responsible productivity because it has a social role to fulfill.
  • Life

    The art of designing is finally life, dynamic, energetic and constantly regenerating. As such, it develops, adapts, it is molded to the circumstances and constantly engages you in a fast pace towards new destinations not making you weigh the time passing. In this ceaseless flow you are kidnapped by the enthusiasm of a child, who is curious to know what will be and that, playing, it composes and decomposes as long as everything is done and finished and then he starts another adventure, another game.
art of designing