Short Description / International design competition winner and design set for construction
Year / 2015
Location / Lamezia Terme, Italy
Architect / Paolo Portoghesi
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In 2014 Diocese of Lamezia announced an international design competition for a new Cathedral in Lamezia Terme. More than 20 world renowned designers took part. Prof. Portoghesi and MEW were the winners.

The Cathedral is composed of a main church and many secondary structures which are adjoined to the main building for rest area, culture area and general services to the sacred rite. The main Church is composed of a steel skeleton, so as the bells (Cor-ten steel in this latter case), meanwhile all other buildings are made up of more traditional concrete frames. Envelopes of the church are made of brick for walls, wood for roof and drywall for the majority of interior surfaces. Foundation are made up of a thick concrete slab; piles have been used only for the twin bells.