Short Description / Structural consulting for the glazing facade
Year / 2020
Location / Manhattan, NYC
Architect / Gluck+

Located at 145 Central Park North (NYC), the 13-story residential building is just on the edge of the magnificient Central Park. Facade is composed of two different types: a fully glazed facade (on top of the building) and a more opaque facade on the lower stories. Project has been developed by Gluck+, firm based in New York City.

Mew was commissioned by Metal Ser S.r.l for technical assistance in static analysis of the whole external envelope of the building. The envelope itself is a unitized façade, realized by extruded aluminum elements and DGU glasses. The entire envelope has been analyzed with FE models in order to deeply check the structural system and its behavior when loads are applied. An additional check has been provided for the lower bronze profile that sticks out from the facade.

[pictures provided by FIELD CONDITION]