Short Description / Steel-glass anti-hurricane canopy and walkway
Year / 2004
Location / Steel-glass anti-hurricane canopy and walkway
Architect / Nichols Brosch Wurst Wolfe & Ass., Miami, USA
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The legendary Fontainbleau hotel on Miami beach is worldwide well recognized due to having been a set for the film “007”. Aside of the legendary hotel, the property has built a new residential tower. The tunnel that joins the old building to the tower also contains the valet and is made of stainless steel frames and curved glazing.

The design of this tunnel and the valet coverage had to deal with the strict policy of Miami for hurricane safety. In this regard, the project also involved the construction of a mock-up (real scale) of an entire tunnel module to be subjected to a destructive testing in the laboratory with the strength and momentum of a real hurricane. Special glass interlayer was used for this proposal and robust stainless steel ropes were set to pull down the roof against hurricane uplift.