Short Description / First prize winner of an international design competition
Year / 2012
Location / Terni, Italy
Architect / Benedetti Architects, London, UK
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In 2012 Terni Municipality called for an international design competition for a new footbridge crossing over 200 meters on Terni’s main railways. More than 30 world renowned designers took part. “Tripod” was awarded the winner.

The footbridge (named Tripod for its three inclined high piles which hold the cables) is composed of two parts, a 150m long cable-stayed bridge close to the station, and the other an arch bridge 60m long. All structures are in steel, with protective painting against corrosion. The whole design has been ‘wind’ tested as required to confirm the sensitivity of the bridge against wind induced vibration. For this purpose, it was designed a range meshes for the parapets with different porosity and 6 TMDs (Tuned Mass Dampers) were set under the deck to prevent wind excessive crowd induced movements.