Short Description / Glazing facad: Complete design set for construction and on site supervisor
Year / 2006
Location / Genova, Italy
Architect / Marcello Albini

The historical building of Costa Crociere company, society known for its beautiful cruise ships in the world, required a complete refurbishment necessary to create new spaces. A glazed double skin was added to the facade of the existing building with the double purpose of changing the look and improve the offices’ quality of life.

When I was asked, by the contractor AZA,  to give a solution to the concept of the Architect for this double skin façade, I suggested to support the glazing from the first down to the last at the top by stacking them on each other so that the lower one supports all other. In summary, no metal frame was inserted to fix the glasses: the double skin is constituted solely by just stacked glasses on each other. At the vertices, in agreement with the architect’s aesthetic vision, a rod was introduced to prevent glazing from tipping and in contrast with the existing building’s wall.