Short Description / Project and design of a double level facade
Year / 2008
Location / Rome, Italy
Architect / Coima Image Srl, Studio Transit Architects

MEW was asked by the client to give advise on a new double-skin façade just in front of an old building in Rome. The initial brief was to avoid any curtain wall based on mullions and transoms.

During the refurbishment  of an existing building in Rome (in Don Sturzo square, in the heart of EUR in Rome) there was the need to design and build a new double skin façade that aims to give a new look to the existing building and to improve sustainability. In doing that, the façade has been designed with the glazing to be not aligned on the same plane, i.e. many glazing were pushed out and others pulled in order to give the wind the possibility to come into the façade from different heights. The glazing was frame-less; each element was set on the border of a steel cantilever from the wall and support by thin rotulles to prevent the fall.