Short Description / Project and design of a wired glazing facade
Year / 2002
Location / Marotta, Pesaro Urbino, Italy
Architect / Sandro Sartini

The original design for the façade was a standard mullions & transoms frame with glazing filled in. By discussing with the Architect, he asked for a more transparent solution; my proposal was to make a façade like a “tent” suspended to the roof and stiffened by ropes like those used for rigging of racing boats.

This façade shows the double-glazing panes as high as an entire floor of the building and locally fixed to a network of ropes set behind without the use of rigid structures. This allows the offices to be clearly visible and to be able to scrutinize the people who work there. One interesting fact is that the facade is located at more than 70 cm far from the floor and that this portion of the floor is entirely made up of glass. It worth noting that while standing on this glass you get the impression of floating in the void; looking up you can see the sky and under the feet the void.