Short Description / Project and design of a steel and glass roof and facade
Year / 2007
Location / Ravenna, Italy
Architect / Mauro Ruscitti
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In the heart of Ravenna, since 1975 there is a meeting point, the Ca ‘de Ven, in a fifteenth century building with the charm of another era. The refurbishment of the place involved the construction of a rooflight above one of the rooms in of the restaurant.

The need to cover the entire fifteenth century building courtyard to create an indoor area used by the restaurant during the winter, has pushed designers to prefer a transparent roof that does not obstruct the view of the historic facades. In making this work, a lot of attention has been given in resolve the interface between the new and the existing structure, from a seismic point of view and as well as to get approval of from the local Superintendence for Fine Arts.