Short Description / Design of a cable-stayed footbridge
Year / 2015
Location / Rome, Italy
Architect / ABDR

The proposal of a new stadium for the football team A.S. Rome prompted the client and his team designers to redevelop the entire area of Tor di Valle, in the south of Rome. The design of a new footbridge over the Tevere river is part of the masterplan to connect the stadium with Magliana railway station.

The bridge is designed entirely of steel, with a large mast which serves as support for cables for suspension of the deck. After considering all dangerous load conditions, including seismic activity, wind (aeroelasticity), large crowds and so on, we then proceeded to a preliminary survey conducted by the technicians from the wind laboratory of Florence. The tests done showed it necessary to insert some mass dampers (TMD) that have the function of damping the occurrence of any dangerous oscillation (similar to the Millennium Bridge in London).