Short Description / Project and design of a concrete structure
Year / 2012
Location / Parma, Italy
Architect / Jo Coenen
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This building is characterized by its triangular shape in plan and it has alternate holes in the floors to accommodate common leisure areas. The first structural solution was conceived in the early morning in a pub in the center of Maastricht together Jo.

The structural solution is based on concrete solid slabs, circular pillars extended for the entire height and a core for stairs and centered with the triangular plan. The terminal tip of the plane triangle is made of a concrete slab and post-tensioning cables: this was done in order to avoid dangerous deformations of this element considering its remarkable slenderness. Dynamic characterization tests were done  by accelerometer measurements in order to verify the correspondence of the dynamic behavior of the structure which was assumed in the design phase. The excellent matching results have shown the correctness of the implementation.